yoga for stress relief seven easy tips to help you rest and relax at home

When you are a building a business, caring for your family or maybe studying, it can be very challenging to find simple ways to rest and relax.
As a yoga teacher, I see many people whose lives are adversely affected by stress and pressure.
If you are in debt, behind with your mortgage and your children require new shoes for school, you can feel weighed down and scared about the future. You may also be in the throes of a divorce or caring for an elderly relative which drains your energy.
If you don’t take time out to rest and relax chances are you could end up with high blood pressure, migraines or even in extreme cases suffer a heart attack.
Stress is a genuine health issue that affects lots of people in different ways. How you respond to periods of change and difficulty in your life plays a key role in determining how your stress levels are affected.
Learning how to rest and relax, to take time out and to schedule in me time is an essential part of your health and wellbeing strategy.
Many people, especially working mums find it extremely difficult to carve time out for themselves and care for their emotional wellbeing and physical health.
The following 7 tips are designed to help you find simple and effective ways to rest and relax at home or at work.
Seven Easy Ways to Rest and Relax